Can Pakistan Make Billions By Going Green? Ft. PET | 254 | TBT

In tonight’s conversation with our special guests, Talha Khan and Hasan Anwer. What was their early life like? What was Talha’s first job and how did his career progress? Why did he go to China for his MBA? What is it like in China? What did he do in the UK? What was his role in McKinsey? Talha’s theatre background? What was Hasan’s first job, and how did his career progress? Why did they end up in PET – Pakistan Environmental Trust? Climate Finance and what project was he working on in California? What was next for him? Coming back to Pakistan, how was the organization formed, and how did things work out? What kind of fuel did they produce? Why did he leave the organization, and what did he do after? What is PET about, and how was it created? What problems are they working to solve? Zero Emissions and why do work on it? Is this economically impacting us? Are there any pros to this? How are they currently addressing this? What impact is Pakistan really making? Is Balochistan fertile, and what opportunities do we have? Carbon as a commodity? Can scaling up the local markets solve our problem? What are they doing to rewild Pakistan? Rewilding Pakistan, and how will it work? How do they envision the Pakistan of 2050? Catch this and a lot more in tonight’s episode.