Net Zero Pakistan – Coalition Launch

10 trailblazing companies who have joined Net Zero Pakistan coalition to address climate change (Artistic Milliners, Crescent Bahuman, Gul Ahmed, Interloop, Liberty, Mahmood Group, Sapphire Finishing, Soorty Enterprises, TetraPak Pakistan and US Apparel)

Soorty Enterprises joins Net Zero Pakistan

Soorty Enterprises is excited to join Net Zero Pakistan and here’s why: “Climate change is the biggest crisis facing the world today and there is a need for urgent action. However, decarbonisation is not easy pickings, and we need coordinated sustainability efforts that rally.

Artistic Milliners joins Net Zero Pakistan

Artistic Milliners is excited to join Net Zero Pakistan and here’s why: “Net Zero Pakistan is a great way to inspire the kind of collective action we need to take”

Sapphire Finishing Mills joins Net Zero Pakistan

Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited recognises the role that industries have played in contributing to climate change. Yousuf Abdullah, CEO of Sapphire Finishing Mills, inspiringly accepts the responsibility to take action, “The impact that humans have had on the world through industries is far reaching to say the least. And it is these industries who can also start the reversal of global warming. This is what Net Zero is about.”

Interloop Limited joins Net Zero Pakistan

Interloop Limited is excited to join Net Zero Pakistan and here’s why: “Net Zero Pakistan is a holistic commitment that calls for collective action towards climate change and couldn’t have come at a better time”

US Apparel joins Net Zero Pakistan

US Apparel is excited to join Net Zero Pakistan and here’s why: “Net Zero Pakistan has provided a platform for Pakistani companies to work together towards the goal of decarbonization in Pakistan”

Mahmood Group joins Net Zero Pakistan

In this inspiring video message, Anees Khawaja, Director of Mahmood Group, candidly speaks about the challenges of addressing climate change as a corporate entity.

Al-Karam joins Net Zero Pakistan

FAWAD ANWAR, Managing Director at Alkaram Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd, highlights the urgent need for climate action in our country, “Pakistan is among the top ten countries affected due to the adverse impacts of climate change.

Siddiqsons joins Net Zero Pakistan

Siddiqsons Limited joins Net Zero Pakistan and they have an inspiring message from their Director Wayne Jansz to share, “Siddiqsons has always worked towards the betterment of the environment, and we have a firm belief to conduct business without depleting natural resources.

AGI Denim joins Net Zero Pakistan

Ahmed Javed, Executive Director at Artistic Garment Industries (AGI Denim), tells us the role AGI Denim wants to play as a member of Net Zero Pakistan, “Our vision as part of Net Zero Pakistan is to be an agent of change and to inspire the rest of the industry. That is the way we can heal a lot of what is wrong in the world.”

Crescent Bahuman joins Net Zero Pakistan

Rizwan Shafi, CEO of one of Net Zero Pakistan’s founding members Crescent Bahuman Ltd., shares the vision he has for the coalition, “The power of collective initiative is better than one player acting alone.

Yunus Textile Mills join Net Zero Pakistan

In this heartening video message, Yunus Textile Mills’ COO, Nisar Palla, talks about how Net Zero is a commitment to act for a better tomorrow, “Net Zero is not a project – it’s a dream. A dream of a better world for our next generation – a dream that is bigger than any individual company or even a nation.

Tetra Pak joins Net Zero Pakistan

Managing Director of Tetra Pak Pakistan, Awais Bin Nasim, shares their motivation for joining Net Zero Pakistan “By entering into partnership with the Pakistan Environment Trust we hope to not only enhance our recycling numbers but also to take additional measures that will help move us towards net zero emissions both in our internal operations and across the value chain.”

Al Rahim Textile Mills join Net Zero Pakistan

Mazhar M. Moosani, Director at Al Rahim Textile Industries Ltd, tells us why they are thrilled to join the coalition, “We joined Net Zero Pakistan not only because it was aligned with our commitment to sustainability but also because it is a collective approach to reducing carbon footprint as a nation.

Renewable Energy Certificates | RECs in Pakistan

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) offer a win-win situation for both project owners (e.g. wind parks, solar systems) as well as companies looking to reduce Scope 2 emissions (generated from grid energy). RECs are a powerful market-based instrument that will help companies transition to clean energy while providing economic incentives for more renewable energy generation in Pakistan.

International Textile Limited is proud to be a member of the Net Zero Pakistan coalition!

With over four decades of experience in producing top-quality towels and textile made-ups, International Textile is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment. The company is taking significant steps towards becoming a more sustainable manufacturing plant, including installing a cutting-edge solar power system that they plan to expand in the next fiscal year.