Webinar on Pakistan Environment Trust drive for climate change

Ben Goldsmith and Saif Hameed, co-founders of Pakistan Environment Trust (PET), along with Talha Khan – Executive Director of Pakistan Environment Trust – are co-hosting a series of intimate webinars to share the work that PET is doing in tackling climate change in Pakistan.

We would be hugely grateful if you could join and look forward to your support for the cause.

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About Pakistan Environment Trust (PET)

Pakistan Environment Trust (PET) was established as a charity with the mission to drive platforms through which it can mobilise at scale capital to solve extremely complex climate challenges in the country.

There are 3 flagship programmes that PET is driving:


Net Zero Pakistan is focused on convening the private sector companies on the net zero by 2050 ambition and turbo charging the decarbonisation agenda. The ambition is to encourage all of the publicly listed companies in Pakistan to make net zero ambition.

Carbon Pathways Pakistan

Carbon Pathways Pakistan is focused on developing carbon projects in the renewable energy and forestry space. The ambition is to catalyse ~USD200Mn market in the country and sequester ~10Mnt carbon emissions every year.

Rewild Pakistan

Rewild Pakistan is focused on protecting endangered specifies and restoring the degraded ecosystem across the country. The ambition is to protect 20% of endangered species identified in IUCN endangered species list.

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Our achievements and ambition ahead