Driving the Transition Towards a Climate-Resilient Pakistan.


Our programmes are developed following a rigorous process that identifies “white spaces” for climate action in Pakistan and brings together stakeholders from around the world to achieve impact at scale.

Net Zero Pakistan

Convening Pakistan’s Leading Organisations to Commit to Net Zero Carbon by 2050

Net Zero Pakistan is a national collaboration between pioneering companies, public institutions, and sectoral experts to deliver the goal of net zero carbon for Pakistan by 2050. The coalition will establish the roadmap and framework through which Pakistan’s private sector can accelerate its sustainability transition and deliver this net zero goal. 

Carbon Pathways

Enabling Private Investment To Finance Ecosystem Restoration For Pakistan

Our first flagship Carbon Pathways is being developed to enable global capital to finance a portfolio of carbon offsetting projects across Pakistan. All projects seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and can range from restoring degraded forests to improving access to renewable energy.

All projects within our Carbon Pathways deliver carbon offset credits.

Re-Wild Pakistan

Re-introducing Viable Populations of the Greater One-horned Rhino and the Cheetah into Pakistan

Pakistan is considered one of the world’s major biodiversity hotspots, but consistent with the global trend of biodiversity loss, the country’s rich biodiversity is under threat. Biodiversity in all provinces of Pakistan provide ecosystem services in the form of ecological and economic support to rural communities, with agro-biodiversity alone employing 39% of Pakistan’s labour force.